A Search for the Best Practices - Challenges at the Leading Edge, Berlin

27.11.2012 - 28.11.2012

On 28 November 2012 BIO Deutschland, FCBA and Josef-Kohler-Insitut will hold a conference "A Search for Best Practices - Patents in Life Sciences" in Berlin. The conference aims to address current patent issues in biotechnological industry. Since the adoption of EU Directive 98/44/EC on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions, known as the "Biotech Patent Directive" of 6 July 1998, there are discussions about the patentability of biotechnological inventions. The purpose of the Directive is to clarify the distinction between what is patentable and what is not.

Opinions on patents in this field are divided, with unfettered scientific progress at one end of the spectrum and the basic values accepted by society at the other. While many see an important contribution to social progress, others are mainly concerned by potential risks and ethical questions. Despite all the disagreement, biotechnology is a growing discipline with a remarkably strong market.

The Conference will address all this issues and try to enable an objective dialog.

Further information, agenda and registration: www.signup4.net/public/ap.aspx?EID=BERL10E&OID=50