Molecular Health GmbH

Molecular Health (MH) is a transformational biomedical intelligence company, improving human health by liberating the power of clinical and molecular data.

Capitalizing on our Dataome technology platform, we perpetually capture, enrich and integrate the world’s biomedical data in a quality-controlled environment – delivering more intelligible data for healthcare. We utilize this evidence base to build disruptive analytical technologies that enable knowledge creation and paradigm change throughout the healthcare ecosystem. These are the innovations that empower our customers to deliver better treatments, diagnoses and disease prevention.

In oncology, MH transforms molecular data into clinically actionable information to identify the most effective and safest cancer treatment options for each individual cancer patient. Molecular Health’s proprietary software, Molecular Health Guide (MH Guide), is the first registered in vitro diagnostic medical device (IVD) of its kind for personalized cancer medicine in Europe. Today it is offered in Europe, Asia, and the USA. MH Guide generates an individual tumor analysis for each patient and provides an interpretation of the clinical and genomic patient data in a clinical context, supporting the physician in individualized treatment decisions.

The MH Guide system provides different products for analysis of variants from cancer samples, hereditary diseases (MH Mendel), or hereditary breast and ovarian cancer predispositions (MH BRCA).

In pharma & biotech, MH supports companies and organizations in improving drug development and drug commercialization. Identifying, understanding, and selecting the best and most promising molecular targets, drug candidates, and response markers leads to higher success rates in clinical development and more targeted drug commercialization. MH also combines Dataome and the company’s data science expertise with Real World Data accessible through our hospital partnerships, to help our customers pick the most promising development candidates, optimize trial design, and generate real-world insights to improve drug outcomes.

On top of Dataome, MH has developed and packaged an AI algorithm to create a product, MH Predict, that predicts with very high accuracy the likelihood of success of clinical trials. This product helps to improve internal resource allocation, investment decisions, and portfolio prioritization.

MH builds on the expertise of a multidisciplinary team of physicians, biologists, data scientists, and IT experts with long-standing expertise in their fields.

Molecular Health GmbH is audited and certified as per DIN EN ISO 13485 for the design, development, and manufacture of software systems for the integrated analysis of clinical and genomic patient data to sup-port treatment decisions and the provision of related services. In addition, MH is CAP accredited and CLIA certified in the US.

The company is headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, one of the most important European centers for cancer research. The US headquarters is located in Boston, MA, where a commercial team has been established to address the needs of clients in North America.

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