Organ-on-chip models for drug development by Dynamic42 GmbH

Dynamic42 develops, offers, and customizes novel 3D microphysiological in vitro test systems recreating human organ key functions.

Human in vitro models enable a safer testing of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and substances related to consumer health. Dynamic42 produces medical grade, low adsorption biochips to develop in vivo-like organs-on-chip for lung, liver, intestine, and vasculature. Organ chips help streamline research, make drug development more efficient and cost-effective, and permanently reduce animal testing and side effects to humans.

What we offer:

  • Tailored fee-for-service studies
  • Academy – hands-on organ chip training
  • Medical grade, biocompatible biochips
  • Accessories

What is organ-on-chip-technology?

Organ-on-chip is an innovative approach to simulate human organ biology on a small-scale level in a biochip. It reproduces key functions and physiological responses of human organs and tissues. Multicellular models encompassing all relevant cell types, including the human immune system, and the application of biomechanical stimulation, such as perfusion and tissue deformation.

Our immunocompetent Organ-on-Chip Models

The Dynamic42 organ models are based on their unique technology to integrate tissue-resident and circulating immune cell populations into human organ-on-chip models. Further unique properties of our organ models and biochips are:

  • Biocompatible chip material with minimal compound adsorption
  • Immunocompetent models
  • Multi-organ chip (2-organ-model)
  • Vascularization and tissue specific perfusion

Our tailored fee-for-service studies include individually study plans with detailed experimental layouts, milestones, criteria for go and no-go decisions and detailed reporting. Projects with us can be small pilot and feasibility studies as well as regular screenings, and extensive long-term projects.

We identify the optimal biological organ-on-chip setup for your application together with you. The great potential of the technology lies in the fact that individual biological and technical components can be easily modified. To achieve your goals, we make use of one principle: a modular cellular construction kit. Currently established models comprise lung-, intestine-, liver- and vasculature-on-chip.

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Dynamic42 Academy

With the Dynamic42 Academy we complement our services in the field of advanced training. We support scientists in the correct application of the organ-on-chip technology by offering intensive courses lasting several days: Learn how to use the systems immediately at a high level in your own research projects and avoid pitfalls that usually occur when implementing new technologies. This saves time and considerable costs in individual research projects.

In hands-on learning units, our scientists and coaches enable the participants of the Dynamic42 Academy to handle our biochips and to work with the highly developed test systems. This includes for instance the creation of cell and organ models.

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