Online-Seminar „Marktübliche Konditionen und Lizenzgebühren“

Online seminar
„Fair market value & licensing terms"

May 22
1 to 2 p.m.
Digital via Zoom

BIO Deutschland's Technology Transfer WG is offering a one-hour digital discussion on the topic of " Fair market value & licensing terms." Participation is free of charge.

Content of the panel discussion

Often "fair market value" is referred to in licensing negotiations for startups between founders and technology transfer. This webinar will discuss the current situation in determining fair market value and licensing terms. What are the problems? What sources of information can the parties involved draw on? What are the legal frameworks? Can a one-size-fits-all model help or does it lead to unfairness? What tips can practitioners give from their wealth of experience that will facilitate these negotiations and lead to a fair, sustainable outcome for all parties?


Dr. Birgit Kerber, Head Innovation and Translation, EMBL-EM
Dr. Thomas Hanke, EVP, Head of Academic Partnerships at Evotec SE


Dr. Thomas Hirse, Partner, CMS Hasche Sigle
Dr. Andrea Schmoll, Partner, Osborne Clarke
Dr. Christian Stein, Geschäftsleitung, Ascenion
Dr. Rainer Wessel, Chief Innovation Officer, DKFZ