Immunochemical tool box for protein detection, quantification and purification

Since 1983, PROGEN has been an established manufacturer and supplier of premium antibodies, in vitro diagnostics, and reagents for the global life science research community. PROGEN’s antibodies are among the most published antibodies in biomedical and cell biology literature. Based on its 800+ antibody portfolio, the company now intends to become a driver of innovative antibody technologies for protein detection, quantification, and purification – in different formats and for new applications to accelerate workflows in research and development. 

With the new protag product line, PROGEN provides a selection of recombinant single-domain antibodies (sdAbs) that outperform conventional antibodies especially in tissue permeability and access to target proteins. Protags are labeled with a choice of fluorescent dyes for advanced microscopy applications or immobilized on agarose beads for effective protein purification and mass spectrometry. Furthermore, PROGEN has built a unique pipeline of ELISA kits for the correct assessment of adeno-associated virus (AAV) titers for safe and effective gene therapies. Some of these assays have already earned reference standard status in gene therapy centers around the world. 

In summary, PROGEN is advancing its portfolio to include improved and convenient immunochemical tools for protein detection, quantification and purification. The company is therefore actively looking for collaborators in academia and industry for flexible co-development. If you are interested please contact Dr. Sven Kuhlendahl, General Manager, at or visit for further information.