DVFA Life Science Conference, Frankfurt


The 9th DVFA Life Science Conference focuses on the challenges and opportunities of Next Level Targeted Therapies in Healthcare.

Targeted therapies have significantly changed the treatment environment not only for many types of cancers but also for other life threatening conditions such as autoimmune diseases. Based on Next Generation Sequencing and the resulting huge amount of valuable insights in the development of diseases, numerous innovative approaches and game changing technologies have emerged. They today promise highly efficient ways of targeted treatments.

The concepts are as countless as diverse and cover small molecules, antibodies and cell therapies that block the growth of cancer cells by interfering with specific carcinogenic pathways. Highly specific antibodies fight cancer cells or boost the patient’s own immune system and “train” it to selectively destroy cancer cells. Other approaches use so called CAR T-cells, which are immunogenic T cells with an engineered receptor (CAR = chimeric antigen receptor) that can detect cancer cells which escaped from the immune system. New gene therapy technologies are highly specific viral vectors that transport therapeutic genes or mRNA to target cells.  They induce the synthesis of missing proteins in the body (e.g. hemophelia patients)

Declared as “Breakthrough of the Year 2015” by the prestigious scientific journal “Science”, the CRISPR / Cas system represents another game changing technology. This biochemical method also known as gene editing enables researchers to insert, remove or turn off specific genes in humans, animals or plants.

The topic is also getting increasingly interesting at the capital market. It is highly relevant for big pharma, as the recent collaborations between Roche an Kite Pharma and between Celgene and Juno demonstrate. Gene Editing becomes more investable, in particular with the recent US-IPO of Editas and the large collaboration between Bayer and CRISPR Therapeutics.

Learn from the industry and capital market experts about what is possible already today and get answers to your questions around opportunities, chances and also risks in cutting-edge future medicine."Genome Editing – The Game Changer in Gene Therapy?!"

  • Decision Making for Targeted Therapies in Oncology Enabled by Molecular Testing Methods
  • New Opportunities with Advanced Viral Vector Technologies
  • Spiegelmer® Candidates in Clinical Development
  • Panel Discussion – How can Current Game Changing Technologies be Competitive?
  • Innovative Antibodies
  • CureVac – Revolutionizing Medical Treatment with Optimized mRNA
  • Directing the Immune System to Eliminate Tumor Cells
  • Dendritic Vaccines and T-Cell Therapy
  • Panel Discussion – Next Level Targeted Therapies from a Capital Markets Perspective

The conference language is English.

DVFA Center
Mainzer Landstraße 37-39
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Further information www.dvfa.de/konferenzen-foren/foren/life-science-conference