1st Pfizer Biotech Partnering Days

04.10.2016 - 05.10.2016

Pfizer is constantly exploring opportunities for partnerships and invites you to submit a research collaboration proposal for the 1st Pfizer Biotech Partnering Days on October 4–5, 2016 in Berlin.

Your non-confidential proposals will be reviewed by the respective Pfizer Research Teams and those fitting Pfizer’s research objectives will be invited to present their work and engage in discussion with Pfizer scientists. The event itself consists of two phases: a presentation of cutting-edge findings by innovation teams selected for the excellence of their work, as well as one-on-one meetings between the presenters and scientists from Pfizer focused on a specific field of research. This is an opportunity to highlight the excellence and expertise of European research to Pfizer and to support the competitiveness of Europe at a global level. Companies outside of Germany are also encouraged to submit research proposals.

As one of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies, Pfizer is proud to offer you access to our world-class research scientists, our global network of external research collaborations, and our industry-leading clinical development, regulatory, manufacturing and commercial capabilities. Combining your science, tools and technologies with Pfizer’s expertise could hold the key to breakthrough therapies for patients worldwide. In our opinion it is vital to collaborate in new and dynamic ways in order to continue to expedite the pace of innovation.

Further information: www.pfizer.de/ueber-pfizer/partnerschaften-und-kooperationen/berlin-research-lab/call-for-proposal.htm