2019 Sino German Bio-economy Conference

Hangzhou, China

To facilitate the communication and cooperation in and promote the development of the field of bio-economy, it is decided that Sino German bio-economy conference is to be held during the period of China (Hangzhou) International Talent Communication and Project Cooperation Conference 2019.

The Scheme is as follows.

1 Venue
Time:Nov 10, 2019 (pending)
Place:Hangzhou International Exhibition Center

2 Theme
Creativity, cooperation, sharing; leading a new development of bio-economy

3 Sponsors and Organizers
Sponsors:NDRC (pending), German Economy and Energy Ministry, Provincial Party Committee and Government of Zhejiang
Organizers: Municipal Party Committee and Government of Hangzhou
Co-organizers:District Party Committee and Government of Gongshu, Zhejiang Youcheng Holding Group

4 Agenda
Opening Ceremony20minutes)
Speeches delivered by state level, provincial level, municipal level government officials and German officials and representatives.
(bSigning of projects5minutes
Signing of cooperation projects.
(cSpeaches 主旨演讲(80minutes
Centered on theme, speeches are to be delivered by experts in the fields of healthcare, biology materials and so on. Each has 20minutes          (Simultaneous interpretation)
(dRoundtable discussions30minutes
Centered on“Sino German economic creativity and cooperation”, communication will be held among experts, entrepreneurs and representatives from concerned organizations.
(eExhibitions of technological fruits from Sino German bio-economy cooperation

It is scheduled to have exhibitions of technological fruits from Sino German bio-economy cooperation from concerned organizations, research institutes and enterprises to promote deep communication and cooperation.

5 Attendees (approx. 300)
Chinese representatives

  1. State level leaders;
  2. provincial and municipal level leaders;
  3. municipal department heads;
  4. district, high tech zone and park department heads;
  5. representatives from universities, hospitals, enterprises and investment companies;
  6. high level talents and representatives from enterprises and universities;
  7. Media representatives.

(bGerman representatives

  1. German state level leaders (German Economic and Energy Department, German Ambassador to China, Consul-generals etc.,);
  2. Representatives and technical experts of German Sino Healthcare Group;
  3. German Biotechnology Engineering Association representatives and experts;
  4. Experts from well-known German Universities and research institutes;
  5. Other heads from German bio-economy fields.