About us:

The BioRegions of Germany are regional initiatives for the advancement of economic application of modern biotechnology in Germany. The Council of Bioregions in Germany (AK-BioRegio for short) is the central network of regional initiatives in Germany. It was founded at the beginning of 2004 in Leipzig and has had its office in BIO Deutschland in Berlin since January 2009 in order to be able to contribute as a spokesperson of the regional cluster to the strengthening of the field of biotechnology in Germany. Today 30 BioRegions have formed alliances through this council, to optimize and coordinate their regional activities in the interest of German biotechnology.

About us

Our vision:

Biotechnology is one of the key technologies of the 21st century and is used on a grand scale in a multitude of products and services for the good of mankind and nature and is constantly under further development. The technical use of biological processes will make a considerable contribution to solving the global challenges of our century, in particular through better provision of health care, adequate food security, efficient energy supply and environmentally friendly industrial production. AK-BioRegio will develop biotechnology as one of the most significant key technologies through close networking of science, business and management in the regions, and contribute to Germany being one of the leading nations worldwide in biotechnology.

Our mission:

AK-BioRegio stands for research, development and commercialization of biotechnology and contributes to anchoring these in all branches of the economy. We provide information about societal and economic use of biotechnology and take part in public discussion on the theme of biotechnology. AK-BioRegio secures the exchange between regional initiatives for the advancement of biotechnology in Germany and makes its know-how available to those making political decisions. It also competes for Life Science Landmark Germany.