Aims of BIO Deutschland

  • Establishment and communication of BIO Deutschland as the single voice of the German biotechnology industry in society and politics
  • Establishment of an independent representation of all companies which are active in the biotechnology sector
  • Positioning of the German biotechnology sector as a major contributor to German"s future competitiveness
  • Support and catalyst for the establishment of an innovative and well-financed industry sector within the German economy on the basis of modern biosciences
  • International positioning of the German biotechnology sector
  • National and European political lobbying of the legislature
  • Networking and support of German Bio-Regionen (Bio-Regions)

Objectives of BIO Deutschland

  • Organization of meetings between representatives of industry and politics
  • Confident and active presentation of the German biotechnology at national and international events
  • Improvement of research and technology transfer
  • Organization of events and conferences
  • Networking, e.g. between the Bio Regionen
  • National and international press and public relations work
  • Education