With a unique network BIO Deutschland e. V. represents the interests of biotechnology companies of all levels of maturity and their stakeholders. Our aim is to support and promote the development of an innovative economic sector in Germany based on modern biosciences. Biotechnology translates biology into industrial applications. It has already shown extraordinary benefits in medicine. Innovative bio-based economic systems can enable Germany and Europe to achieve sovereignty and prosperity in the long term. Our companies research, develop and market globally. We are a strong community. We focus on diversity, openness and equal opportunities and are committed to the free democratic basic order.

The Berlin-based association is run by a board of ten members consisting of CEOs and managing directors of biotechnology companies. This committee comprehensively represents the various fields in the sector.

The member companies and their experts are organised in working groups and networks that deal with the following topics: bio-IT, big data & e-health, finance and taxation; diagnostics, industrial bioeconomy, industrial cell technology, licences and technical contracts; regulatory matters; innovation and entrepreneurship; German-US cooperation; health policy; technology transfer; and PR. Using a wide range of political initiatives, BIO Deutschland lobbies for improvements to the legal parameters for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises.

BIO Deutschland is Germany’s biotechnology sector representative at the BDI, the voice of the German Industry, and at the European association, EuropaBio, in Brussels. BIO Deutschland also works closely with other biotech organisations in Europe and the USA in order to lobby for the interests of the sector in an internationally coordinated way. The association is also very active in a broad range of events with the aim of providing biotechnology with a platform for discussion and interaction.