March 2023


2023-03-16 - 2023-03-17

AMR Conference

Basel, Switzerland

The 7th AMR conference is the one-stop-shop for all AMR stakeholders from industry, SMEs, start-ups, big pharma, academia, clinics, regulatory bodies, investors, public institutions and policy to discuss relevant challenges of bringing new antimicrobial treatments and diagnostics in the market.



2023-03-20 - 2023-03-22

BIO-Europe Spring® 2023

Basel, Switzerland

It’s time once again to network and facilitate partnerships face-to-face at the premier springtime event for the life science industry. The seventeenth annual BIO-Europe Spring® premier springtime partnering conference is back in-person and will be taking place March 20–22, 2023 in Basel, Switzerland.


24 Mar

2023-03-24 · 14:00

Meet Bayer's EMEA Partnering Team: Collaborate To Cure Hub EMEA

digital via Zoom

At Bayer, we understand the importance of collaboration in improving patients' lives. We have a long-standing tradition of strategic alliances and partnerships and believe that working together can achieve the goal of improving healthcare for all.



2023-03-28 - 2023-03-29

German Biotech Days 2023


Germany's largest biotech event, the German Biotechnology Days 2023 (Deutsche Biotechnologietage, DBT), will take place on March 28th and 29th in Wiesbaden. The host region for 2023 is Technologieland Hessen from Wiesbaden, and we were able to win Infectognostics Forschungscampus Jena as another partner region.