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Business Development Conference 2009

2009-06-24 - 2009-06-25

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Munich (June 25, 2009): European Small and Medium-sized biopharmaceutical companies had the opportunity to network with counterparts from the larger pharmaceutical companies at the third edition of the Business Development Conference, organised by the industry associations European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises (EBE) and BIO Deutschland.

The event attracted about 100 CEOs and senior executives from (bio)pharmaceutical companies, private equity and venture capital companies from around Europe and USA. The exclusive setting of the conference helped participants learn, network and do business. The extremely positive feedback received from attendees shows that EBE and BIO Deutschland efforts to create a select platform to do business were successful.

Despite the global financing situation the European biotechnology still shows increasing innovation potential. According to an analysis recently published, the world’s six biggest-selling drugs in 2014 will all be biotech products, underlining the importance of the sector for the global pharmaceutical industry.

During the conference innovative companies throughout Europe had the opportunity to present their last R&D achievements and novel business models. Executives from key biotech and international pharmaceutical companies, private equity and VC firms shared their experiences, presented case-studies and their views concerning the key factors for facilitating growth of the European Biotech sector.

The keynotes and panel discussions amongst others entered into aspects of financing issues due to the global economic crisis: innovative financing pathways were presented and ways for positioning a company to attract investors and other partners were discussed.

Please download the detailed programme of the Conference here.

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