7th Annual Meeting | Industrial Cell Technology | Kongress, Lübeck, Germany

2016-09-08 - 2016-09-09

We are still seeking speakers and exhibitors for the 7th annual congress of industrial cell technology. The congress is taking place in Lübeck/Germany on September 8/9th in 2016. 

About one hundred participants meet to discuss the current status of cell based biotechnology and the perspectives of cell-technological applications. Our main goal of is to foster the direct dialogue between researchers and industry in the fields of medicine, pharma, lab-technology and new materials.

This years congress will focus on three topics:

(1) New devices for clinical application of cells
(2) New materials for cell culture
(3) Cells in diagnostics 

If you whish to participate either as attendee, speaker or exhibitor, please contact amict-symposium@emb.fraunhofer.de

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