Meet-the-Member: AGC Biologics plasmid and mRNA mnufacturing capabilities

2022-09-27 · 10:00 - 11:00

The exchange of ideas among our members is one of the central tasks of our association's work. We are frequently asked to offer a non-binding, digital and regular exchange format. To this end, we are now launching a pilot series in autumn. Each of the 60-minute webinars will start with a ten-minute impulse and then offer the opportunity to enter into a detailed exchange with the expert giving the presentation or to hold general discussions and make contacts in one of the other small groups.

The webinars will be scheduled in English to allow easier access for our international members. The participation link is provided via our login area:

Employees of member companies who do not yet have an account for the internal area should contact

The current webinar is presented by

AGC Biologics is a global CDMO providing pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services for protein-based biologics and cell and gene therapies. With seven facilities and teams of scientists across three continents, we have the resources and the available capacity you need to accelerate your race to GMP. From development to clinical trials, to full-scale commercialization, we can help you reach your goals at any stage in the drug development and manufacturing process.


To support your pDNA needs, AGC Biologics utilizes a customized process based on your specific plasmid and hosting system. We have extensive technical expertise in fermentation, purification, and analytics, and our highly experienced teams routinely manufacture GMP-grade pDNA materials.

Our pDNA development scales start at 1L and go up to 10L, and we have a range of High-Quality and GMP manufacturing scales up to 1,000L.

AGC Biologics pDNA can be used for diverse applications such as:

  • DNA adjuvants and vaccines
  • RNA drugs and vaccines
  • Cell-free protein expression platforms
  • Viral vector manufacturing:
    • Lentivirus
    • Adeno-associated virus (AAV)-based therapeutics

Our vaccine pDNA is approved by USDA.

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Our routine GMP manufacturing of proteins has helped us build one of the fastest-growing mRNA service offerings in the CDMO industry. The expert teams at the Heidelberg, Germany site have extensive technical expertise in fermentation, purification, and analytics to help bring your next mRNA project to life.


  • mRNA supply in different qualities
  • R&D grade mRNA
  • GMP grade mRNA

Development scales

  • 10L bioreactor for up to 30g per batch
  • Larger scales coming soon
  • Extensive in-house analytical methods

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