BIO Deutschland aims to provide a shared platform for all the relevant organisations that wish to support and develop the biotechnology industry. As a result, the association does not place any restrictions on membership as long as members can be included in the biotechnology sector in the broadest sense.

Members of the association can be corporate bodies as defined by civil law, as well as legally responsible entities, institutions and foundations governed by public law and commercial partnerships, in as far as their membership appears to be beneficial to the association.

This includes the following in particular:

  • Biotechnology companies from all areas of biotechnology
  • Companies from the pharmaceutical industry
  • Organisations/companies that represent a BioRegion
  • Companies that provide services in the field of biotechnology
  • Companies that manufacture or distribute equipment, software, chemicals and/or reagents in the field of biotechnology
  • Technology transfer offices
  • Consultants, auditors and lawyers, and these types of company
  • Investors such as venture capital firms and banks
  • Academic institutions and the organisations that back them
  • Non-profit organisations that are active in this field

Supporting Members

As many of the questions that BIO Deutschland deals with concern the areas of finance and taxation, human resources, mergers and acquisitions and so on, the association also seeks targeted support from appropriate companies.

In return for this special support, BIO Deutschland will publicise the generous help on all suitable occasions.

Further benefits of being a supporting member include:

  • Inclusion of your logo (linked to your website) on the homepage of BIO Deutschland’s internet presence
  • Mention of your company’s Supporting Membership status in BIO Deutschland position papers
  • Mention of your company’s Supporting Membership status in the boiler plate of BIO Deutschland press releases
  • Inclusion of your logo on BIO Deutschland posters
  • Display and distribution of your company literature at the BIO Deutschland General Meeting and, if applicable, programmatic integration at a conference
  • Mention of your company’s Supporting Membership status in BIO Deutschland brochures
  • Invitation to the annual board dinner

Our office would be happy to provide further information about how to become a supporting member.

Industry Partnership

Industry partnership provides an alternative to being a supporting member. Companies from the pharmaceutical or supplier industries or other partners of innovative biotechnology companies are industry partners in biotechnology. In becoming partners, they wish to become even more visible to their target groups as long-term and reliable business partners. Industry partners have strong links to researching small and medium-sized biotechnology enterprises, but membership of the sector association is currently not on their agenda for a variety of reasons.

The BIO Deutschland office would be happy to answer father questions on Industry Partnership.