BIO Deutschland Accompanies Delegation Visit to China

files/tlf_content/nachrichten/2011/China_I.jpgA business delegates’ trip to China for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies and institutions took place from 14 to 21 May 2011. The trip was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

The delegation visited various organisations in Beijing, Canton (Guangzhou) and Shenzhen. In total, ten companies, BIO Deutschland as the sector association, and a representative from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology took part.

Great optimism can be observed in the fields of biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals and biomedicine in China. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) are receiving generous support from the state (on the municipal, regional and trans-regional levels). A clear trend towards founding technology centres or parks, often with biotechnology as an important key sector, can be seen.

During the trip, there were opportunities to give presentations on the current situation in the German biotechnology sector and on concrete suggestions for potential partnerships, as well as to make and develop many bilateral contacts between German and Chinese companies and institutions on the ground.

files/tlf_content/nachrichten/2011/China_II.jpgBioCampusCologne and the Zhongguancun Life Science Park signed a cooperation agreement. In addition, the foundations for a cooperation agreement on application-oriented training for biotechnology scientists between the international biotechnology park, Bio-Island, in Canton and the company, Genovia, were laid during the trip.

In the middle of June, a return visit by members from a company contacted during the visit to China will take place. This is one of the most modern sequencing laboratories in the world, the Beijing Genomic Institute (BGI), which is looking for a location for a European office.

Members of BIO Deutschland are welcome to request a copy of the complete report from the BIO Deutschland office by e-mail ( or telephone (+49-30-3450593-30).

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