BIO Deutschland and the DBU Showcase Entrepreneurship at BIOTECHNICA 2013

At BIOTECHNICA 2013, which will take place from 8 to 10 October, BIO Deutschland and the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) will show how the key objectives of sustainable pharmaceutics – effective medicinal products combined with resource-saving practices, efficient manufacturing and low-emission applications – can be achieved by using biotechnological methods.

Medicinal products are essential for good medical care. However, the manufacturing of such products usually involves a high consumption of raw materials, solvents and energy and generates large amounts of waste. In its sustainable pharmacy funding initiative, the DBU is providing targeted support to projects that lead to resource-saving and efficient manufacturing of medicinal products, for example by developing new synthesis and purification processes using industrial biotechnology. At their joint stand (D 62) at this year’s BIOTECHNICA, BIO Deutschland and the DBU will present several projects funded under the latter’s biotechnology programme. For example, Chiracon GmbH will demonstrate how biotechnological synthesis processes can significantly increase the yield of (S)-enantiomers in ibuprofen production, thus decreasing the amount of raw materials required, preventing waste and reducing side effects. These are clear advantages of purely chemical synthesis. Jennewein Biotechnologie GmbH will present another outstanding project: a fermentation process for manufacturing anti-inflammatory L-fucose that does not use any organic solvents, acids or toxic salts.

This will be the third time that BIO Deutschland and the DBU have a joint stand at BIOTECHNICA. Their aim is to showcase the opportunities for sustainable development provided by industrial biotechnology processes that have been developed by German companies. Please come and see us at BIOTECHNICA! You will find our joint stand at number D 62. BIO Deutschland is also involved in organising the industrial biotechnology and personalised medicine technologies marketplaces at the trade fair. BIO Deutschland members will receive a discount of five per cent if they book space at the joint stands.

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