BIO Deutschland at Biotechnica and Labvolution Press Conference

On 27 May, Deutsche Messe AG held a press conference in Hanover to present the next Biotechnica and Labvolution, the new laboratory technology trade fair that will be held alongside Biotechnica. Biologisation and digitisation will bemain topics at this year’s event, which will take place in Hanover from 6 to 8 October. Peter Heinrich, Chairman of the Board of BIO Deutschland, gave a presentation to the some 20 trade journalists at the press conference in which he explained the importance of biotechnology for the economy and society. He underlined that the economy could only be biologised with the help of biotechnology, and that biologisation has a strong impact on traditional industries as regards their long-term strategic focus on the path to sustainable, future-oriented industry. Heinrich also said that the financing situation remained difficult and pointed out the need to improve the legal parameters for the German biotechnology sector, as was particularly evident in a comparison of Germany with other countries.

Martin Pöhlchen, Chairman of BIO Deutschland’s Working Group on Bio IT and Big Data, also spoke at the press conference about the importance of digitisation for biotechnology and the life sciences.


Jochen Köckler (Deutsche Messe AG), Ken Browne ( SELECTBIO), Peter Heinrich, (BIO Deutschland), Tobias Thiele, (Köttermann GmbH & Co. KG), and Martin Pöhlchen, Chairman of the working group on Bio IT and Big Data of BIO Deutschland
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