BIO Deutschland attends German-Chinese Working Group meeting in Berlin

On 3 March, the German-Chinese Working Group on the Medical Industry and Biotechnology convened at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in Berlin. The meeting was chaired by Regina Wierig, deputy head of department and head of the Task Force for the Health Care Industry and Social Services at BMWi. At this meeting BIO Deutschland represented the interests of the Sub-Working Group on Biotechnology. Also taking part in the meeting were representatives of the Sub-Working Groups on Hospital Construction and Hospital Management, Medical Technology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as seniors officers from BMWi’s Biotech Industry, Bioeconomy, Food Industry section. Main topics discussed at the meeting were the work done so far by the various sub-working groups and the cooperation with Chinese partners. Proposals were made on how to constructively work together in the future. Discussions revealed that the cooperative efforts of the various sub-working groups have had different degrees of success. So far, for example, there have been no productive communications with Chinese stakeholders in the field of biotechnology. The ministry gathered proposals for getting the Asian cooperation partners involved in the German-Chinese Forum for Economic and Technological Cooperation (DCFWTZ), which will be held in Beijing in June 2016.

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