BIO Deutschland attends meeting of EuropaBio’s National Associations Council

BIO Deutschland took part in the meeting of the National Associations Council of EuropaBio, the European umbrella association for biotechnology. The meeting was hosted in Frankfurt am Main by the German Association of Biotechnology Industries (DIB), the biotechnology arm of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI). Among the agenda items were a status report on EuropaBio’s current lighthouse projects. In addition, the participants discussed the European Biotech Week, the progress made in the implementation of the SME Platform and the activities in the three biotech categories: healthcare, agriculture and industrial biotech. The newly appointed European Commission was also a topic of discussion. On the following day, the international delegation visited the Höchst industrial part and Sanofi’s branch office there. The national biotech associations organised under the umbrella of EuropaBio meet three times a year to share information on upcoming and current projects in their countries and to discuss international issues.

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