BIO Deutschland Attends the National Associations Council and Healthcare Council Meetings in Brussels

EuropaBio National Associations Council (NAC)

The EuropaBio National Associations Council met in Brussels on 24 June. The agenda featured the following topics, which are also currently being addressed by BIO Deutschland:

  • Strategies to combat increasing antibiotic resistance, with discussion on the national plans and measures on antibiotic resistance.
  • Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol in Europe, with discussion on the difficulties with EU member states’ application of the EU Regulation on the Nagoya Protocol.
  • The forthcoming Dutch EU Presidency and the reopening of the Biopatent Directive.
  • International standardisation in the field of biotechnology: the Dutch representatives reported that there are marked trends in the Netherlands to actively address the revision of the Biopatent Directive during their country’s EU Presidency.
  • The European Commission’s proposal for a ban on imports of GMO products, with discussion on the proposal and its effects.

EuropaBio Healthcare Council:

The new chair of EuropaBio’s Healthcare Council, Robin Evers (Novo Nordisk), was introduced at the latest meeting on 24 June. Evers takes over from Emmanuel Chantelot (Shire), who stepped down from the position due to other commitments.

The agenda included discussion on the Benelux countries’ planned cooperation on reimbursement and on further work on the industry’s stance on a Europe-wide health technology assessment. EuropaBio will also work with the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) on practical matters concerning these topics.

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