BIO Deutschland discusses innovation funding at expert meeting of the Greens party

BIO Deutschland member Carpegen was invited to discuss the topic of research funding at an expert meeting of the Greens party, which was held at the end of February. The Greens want to introduce a bill that would enact tax support for R&D funding. BIO Deutschland welcomed the party’s proposal, which incorporates the association’s longstanding position on this particular issue, stating that many innovative firms will profit directly from the opportunities presented by tax breaks for R&D funding. It added that large expenditures for research and development should be deductible from earnings – refunds are even planned when losses are made. BIO Deutschland, however, criticised the proposal to limit the amount of investment eligible for tax deduction at €1.25 million, since financing rounds in the biotech sector normally raise substantially more capital (the average amount raised in 2015 was €17.56 million per financing round).

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