BIO Deutschland presents the latest figures for the German biotech sector

BIO Deutschland collects annual data on small and medium-sized businesses that, according to OECD criteria, operate in the biotechnology sector. These key performance indicators were published in collaboration with EY, on 4 April, in EY’s 2017 German biotech report. As the figures clearly show, Germany’s biotech sector continues to grow. Significant increases were seen in revenue and in the number of companies and employees. While the number of people employed in the sector rose by 14 percent to nearly 25,000 over the past year, the number of biotech companies climbed by 5 percent to 623 in the same period. Revenue generated in 2016 was up 7 percent year on year at 3.6 billion euros. Publicly traded companies invested heavily in research and development, while R&D investment by private companies stagnated, dropping 2 percent to 667 million euros. BIO Deutschland’s chairman of the board, Peter Heinrich, said: “Despite otherwise positive indicators, we are very concerned about the standstill in R&D investment by private companies.”

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