BIO Deutschland’s First Strategy Conference and First Board Meeting of 2008

On 29 February, the board of BIO Deutschland, the chairpersons of the working groups and of the BioRegions’ working team met at Lake Starnberg near Munich to discuss the association’s strategy for the coming years. At the board dinner after the meeting, the association’s supporting members also gave their input to the topics that had been discussed earlier.

The most important subjects on which future association activities will focus are:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Venture capital, the capital market, investment banking
  • Communication about opportunities and potential
  • Taxation conditions
  • Licensing, partnering, technology transfer
  • EU law; EU harmonisation
  • Intellectual property

On 1 March, the board of BIO Deutschland held its first meeting of 2008 in order to discuss subjects including the association’s aims until 2010 and their implementation, as well as the events and measures planned for 2008.

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