Biotechnology standards experts meet virtually, once again

In mid-March, the experts on ISO/TC 276 Biotechnology convened for this year’s plenary session and to discuss the work of the various working groups. The chairs of the working groups reported on the progress of standardisation work in their respective groups:

  • WG 1 – Terminology
  • WG 2 – Biobanks and bioresources
  • WG 3 – Analytical methods
  • WG 4 – Bioprocessing
  • WG 5 – Data processing and integration

The status of the work can be viewed on the committee’s web page: In the second part of the meeting, the internal rapporteurs reported on the activities of other standardisation committees with which there are liaisons. The list of liaisons has grown considerably, which on the one hand demonstrates how broad a field biotechnology is, but on the other makes clear that biotechnology is becoming more and more relevant in real-world applications. The links to other standards committees whose work touches on the subject of biotechnology are listed here:

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