European Biotech Week: celebrating innovation

files/tlf_content/nachrichten/2013/European_Biotech_Week_2013.jpgThe European Biotech Week celebrates biotechnology, an innovative and vibrant sector launched by the 1953 discovery of the DNA molecule. Indeed, the first edition of the Biotech Week will mark the 60th anniversary of that pivotal moment in history.

Since then, scientists have learned much, much more about the living world than just DNA's make-up. Today, we know lots about genes, proteins, viruses, bacteria and stem cells, to name some examples. Biotech entrepreneurs translate this knowledge into applications for many sectors such as health care, agriculture, food, energy, water sanitation and biochemical processing. Already, many biotech applications have changed the world for the better.

Biotech associations help maximize the potential of biotechnology. In Europe, the National Associations Council, hosted by EuropaBio, unites 19 country-based biotech associations that together represent over 1,800 small- and medium-sized biotech companies and organisations.

In the first European Biotech Week, September 30 - October 4, 2013, those national associations, together with EuropaBio, will celebrate DNA's discovery and highlight biotech's achievements and opportunities through events across Europe.

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