Formative Meetings of Two New Working Groups

During the Bio Europe 2007 in Hamburg, experts from BIO Deutschland’s member companies met for the first time to establish two new working groups.

More than 25 representatives from BIO Deutschland’s member companies attended the first meeting of the Working Group on German-US Cooperation, chaired by Dr Henning Mennenöh (Hogan & Hartson Raue LLP). The main focus of this working group will be on sharing information about and experiences in the situation in the USA regarding patents/intellectual property, food and drug administration, product liability, subsidiaries and the capital market. A representative for each of these topics was chosen. During the next few weeks, these representatives and other interested participants will make concrete suggestions on further activities.

The Working Group on Training and the Labour Market (HR) will deal with topics such as staff retention models, recruitment, staff training and pay. The seven participants of the formative meeting, which was chaired by Professor Sabine Köpper (PKCie), will invite the other biotechnology companies to participate before the next meeting on 19 February 2008 in Munich. At this meeting, topics on the agenda will include a presentation about company investments by staff and a survey on salaries.

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