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IMI2 - Call 21


  • Development of therapeutics and diagnostics combatting coronavirus infections
    Scope: Considering that this is a newly-identified virus, the scope of this topic remains broad and must address at least one of the following objectives: 
    • development of antivirals as well as other types of therapeutics to address a rapid response to the current COVID-19 outbreak;
    • development of therapeutics to address the current and/or future coronavirus outbreaks;
    • development of diagnostics, ensuring rapid evaluation of candidates based on existing technologies;
    • development of fast and reliable tools that go beyond the state of the art for detection of COVID-19 carriers and symptomatic individuals suspected of COVID-19 infection.

Further information:…imi2-call-21


Funding programmes of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Regulations governing the funding of research projects with Tunisia involving science and industry (TUNGER 2+2), under the Federal Government’s Strategy for the Internationalisation of Science and Research – published in the Federal Gazette on 16 March 2020

Regulations governing the funding of transnational research projects on risks posed to human health by the occurrence of emerging contaminants, pathogens and antimicrobial resistant bacteria in the water cycle, as part of the ERA-NET Cofund AquaticPollutants – published in the Federal Gazette on 23 March 2020

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