Genetic Diagnostics Law: Letter to the Federal Minister of Health, Ulla Schmidt

Following the associations’ hearing on the Genetic Diagnostics Law, BIO Deutschland wrote to the Federal Minister for Health, Ulla Schmidt, in February. In its letter, the association asked the Minister, as a representative of the Federal Government, to ensure that a practical and future-oriented Genetic Diagnostics Law be implemented.

BIO Deutschland informed the minister that the wide range of issues and information included in the category of genetic testing make it necessary that a more open approach be taken on the question of which doctors are allowed to carry out genetic tests. Secondly, BIO Deutschland wrote that parentage testing should not be included in a law on genetic testing. Thirdly, the association stated that the concepts need to be redrafted. The association added that if the Federal Ministry of Health were to take into account the current state of research, it would have to do away with the differentiation between diagnostic and predictive testing. BIO Deutschland emphasised the uncertainty on the part of companies, doctors and patients resulting from the current draft law and that it would lead to bottlenecks in the provision of medical attention. Using practical examples, the association highlighted the improvements that urgently need to be made to the draft law.

BIO Deutschland’s full statement can be found in German at:

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