German-U.S. cooperation network holds its first digital workshop

We have converted the BIO Deutschland Working Group on German-U.S. Cooperation into a BIO Deutschland network. The network kicked off with a workshop on the afternoon of 10 June. The workshop began with network leader Henning Mennenöh (Weitnauer Rechtsanwälte) looking back at the working group’s activities. He was followed by experts from Bio.Port.USA who gave their outlook on the health policy work of the Biden administration in the first six months. They highlighted how access to reimbursement in the U.S. market will change as a result of new laws currently being drafted. They also outlined the market potential for biopharmaceuticals. Following the presentation, workshop participants discussed reimbursement pathways and hurdles for modern medicines and diagnostics in the United States. The presentation is available for viewing, and information about it has been posted on the network.

Like all BIO Deutschland networks, the newly launched network “German-U.S. Cooperation” is administered via LinkedIn. You are cordially invited to participate in and join the LinkedIn group founded for this purpose:

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