Help for German biotech companies in doing business in China

While there are certainly unforeseen challenges in doing business with China, the country also offers vast opportunities. For this reason, the Federal Government has been endeavouring for years to intensify trade relations between the various sectors in both nations. In this context, the founding meeting of the German-Chinese Working Group on the Medical Industry and Biotechnology was held at the end of June in the Chinese provincial capital, Changsha. The meeting was co-chaired by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and the Chinese High-Tech Industry Department at the National Development and Reform  Commission (NDRC).

The primary aim of the working group’s meeting was to define topics for bilateral cooperation as concretely as possible and to set up corresponding sub-groups. The task of these sub-groups will be to investigate how synergies can be used and how cooperation between the two countries can be further developed. One of the main topics is biotechnology and genetic engineering, including regenerative medicine and molecular diagnostics.

On the German side, this sub-group is chaired by Uwe Ahrens, CEO of  Co.don AG, who will also represent the interests of biotech SMEs.

We would welcome your input in order to define future or existing synergies, further new contacts with potential Chinese business partners, and establish concrete cooperation and trade relations. If you are interested in sharing your views, please request the input form from our office by sending an e-mail to

Your responses will help the Sub-working Group on Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering to make progress with the Chinese side and shape the conditions for trade relations between the two countries. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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