2013 BIO Deutschland Yearbook

files/tlf_content/nachrichten/2013/Jahrbuch_2013.jpgThe preparations for the 2013 BIO Deutschland Yearbook are in full swing. Please take advantage of this opportunity to present your company or organisation in the next issue of our yearbook.

BIO Deutschland will present its latest yearbook to coincide with the 15th CEO & CFO Meeting, which will take place at the beginning of December. The 2,500 copies of the report will be sent to senior managers and decision makers in biotechnology companies, state and federal administration, policymakers and the media.

The yearbook will provide an overview of the work of the association and its members, as well as the latest figures on sector development and performance.

You will find a copy of the 2012 BIO Deutschland Yearbook (available in German only) at the following link:


Our office would be happy to provide you with further details on the contents and information on how to submit a guest article or to present your company by placing an advertisement in German or English. You are welcome to contact us at tel. +49 (0)30 726 25 130 or e-mail: info@biodeutschland.org.

Please note that 27 September is the deadline for submissions.

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