2017 election: BIO Deutschland publishes new position papers

In the run-up to the 2017 Bundestag elections, several of BIO Deutschland’s Working Groups (WGs) have produced position papers to help guide the association’s policy work. The WG on Finance and Taxation updated their proposals for financing of innovative companies, while the WG on Technology Transfer prepared recommendations for action on issues such as technology transfer, new business formation and research promotion. The position paper of the WG on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Jobs outlines how to improve the framework conditions for high-tech start-ups, and the position paper “Early Certainty Examination” of the WG on Licences and Technical Contracts details the group’s stance on the European Patent Office’s (EPO) efforts to make the patent examination process more efficient. Already in December, the WG on Bio IT and Big Data published its position paper on the digital healthcare sector.

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