International Council of Biotech Associations meets in San Francisco

Just like every year since its founding, the International Council of Biotech Associations (ICBA) convened on the margins of the BIO International Convention. On 5 June, the council, now 26 members strong, met in downtown San Francisco to share information on current developments in the different countries, to discuss major global biotech topics and to talk about future cooperation projects. The meeting kicked off with the introduction of the new chair of the ICBA, who was chosen beforehand by secret ballot. Nathalie Moll, former vice chair of ICBA and current secretary general of the European umbrella association EuropaBio, was elected the new chair of the international association for a two-year mandate. Andrew Casey, president and CEO of the Canadian biotech association BIOTECanada, was elected vice chair. BIO Deutschland is a founding member of the council. The ICBA is currently comprised of the following members: Africabio, Assobiotec, Association of Biotech-Led Enterprises (ABLE), German Association of Biotechnology Industries (DIB), AusBiotech, Belgian Federation for Chemistry and Life Sciences Industries/, BIO Deutschland, BioIndustry Association (BIA), Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), EuropaBio, Foro Argentino de Biotecnologia (FAB), HollandBIO, Hungarian Biotechnology Association, Japan Bioindustry Association (JBA), P-BIO – Portgual’s Biotechnology Industry Organization, PeruBiotec, Norwegian Bioindustry Association (NBA), Spanish Bioindustry Association (ASEBIO), Swiss Biotech Association (SBA), BIOTECanada, Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization, Finnish BioIndustries (FIB), Taiwan Bio Industry Organization, Czech Bio, The Greek Initiative on Bioeconomy and NZBio.

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