International News I: Participation at the Meeting of the EuropaBio National Associations Committee in Brussels

In the middle of November, BIO Deutschland attended the meeting of the EuropaBio National Associations Council in Brussels. The agenda included the introduction of the Lithuanian Biotechnology Association as a new member of EuropaBio and a discussion on the preparation and organisation of the EuropaBio Brussels Day at the beginning of December, when representatives of national biotech associations and companies will call on EU decision makers.

The members of the National Associations Council provided and received information about the current issues and problems in their individual countries. Topics of interest in the member states included finance and access to venture capital, tax incentives for Research & Development, and the licensing and cultivation of GM crops. EuropaBio also introduced its new daily newsletter, "EuropaBio Daily", which provides information about current events relevant to the biotechnology sector.

If you are interested in this information platform, please do not hesitate to contact us at the BIO Deutschland office.

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