Italian Trade Agency Organises the Establishment of a European Network

According to Ernst & Young, the Italian biotechnology sector, which comprises 407 companies, is particularly promising and highly dynamic. The Italian firms increased their turnover by six per cent in 2013, and achieved a volume of €7.1 billion, of which around 20 per cent was invested in research and development. For this reason, the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) is organising the establishment of a European network and is inviting people to learn more about Italian companies, clusters and research institutes and their projects.

Further information on the partners involved in the project is available at:

If you are interested in the projects and initiatives listed on the site, you are welcome to contact Jens Bruch (, tel: +40 30 8844 0323) and Luigi Mercuri (, tel: +40 30 8844 0326) until 8 August 2014.

During the second stage of the network initiative, reciprocal visits are scheduled for September. These visits will provide an opportunity learn about the projects in greater detail. ICE will cover the German delegates’ travel and accommodation costs.

If the number of people interested in the initiative exceeds the available budget, ICE reserves the right to select the most interesting projects and initiatives.

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