Joint evening event on biosolutions held with the Danish embassy

Photo: Participants at the evening event on biosolutions. Danish Ambassador Susanne Hyldelund is pictured in the front row, centre © Danish embassy

On 15th May, members of the Working Group on the Industrial Bioeconomy and of the Novel Food Task Force met at the residence of the Danish embassy to discuss how biosolutions can strengthen Europe’s sustainability, resilience and competitiveness.

Since the beginning of the year, BIO Deutschland has been working together with industry and biotech associations from several European countries under the auspices of the European Biosolutions Coalition to successfully implement the European Commission’s Biotech and Biomanufacturing Initiative, which was launched in March of this year.

In addition to statements by Susanne Hyldelund, the Danish Ambassador to Germany, Christine Lang, Chair of the Working Group on the Industrial Bioeconomy, and Michael Erkes from Novonesis, exciting best practice examples were provided by Ulrich Scherbel (AMSilk), Klaus Pellengahr (Corden BioChem), Laura Gertenbach (Innocent Meat), Kevin Schmitz (Planet A Foods) and Leonie Jahn (MATR).

The subsequent policy discussion, which was jointly moderated by Christine Lang und Viola Bronsema, featured input from Albrecht Läufer from BluCon Biotech and Cornelius Lahme from Bluu as well as from representatives from the responsible departments of the Federal Agriculture Ministry, the Federal Research Ministry and the Federal Economics Ministry.

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