Key performance indicators for biotech sector announced in Frankfurt with EY

BIO Deutschland gathered important data about the German biotech sector in a survey it conducted among companies at the start of the year. The key performance indicators were published in the EY report “Im Schatten von Leuchttürmen” [In the Shadow of Lighthouse Companies] and presented at a press conference held in Frankfurt.

The findings are positive. In 2015 companies were able to substantially increase revenue by 12 percent over the previous year, whereby publicly traded companies generated significantly more revenue (+18 percent) than private firms (+8 percent). R&D investment also rose markedly (+11 percent) in a year-to-year comparison, with private firms and public trading companies increasing R&D spending by 2 percent  and 32 percent respectively. The number of companies (590) and employees (approx. 17,900) in the sector remained largely unchanged from 2014.

The full report can be downloaded here (available in German only):

BIO Deutschland now has, as a national biotech association, its own trove of sector data, which it can continuously expand over the next several years. We would like to thank all the company officials who provided assistance with the survey.

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