Meeting of the DIN Working Group on Biotech Terminology held in Berlin

As part of the work of the ISO Technical Committee 276 Biotechnology (ISO/TC), BIO Deutschland took part in the meeting of the national mirror committee (DIN) on 23 February 2016. Participants discussed the results of the last international meeting, held in Tokyo in October 2015. The committee’s experts had planned to harmonise terms used in biotechnology in order to create a shared understanding for further work in the field. Towards this end, they prepared a compendium that gathered different interpretations of terms relevant to biotech and next planned to start work on harmonisation. In Tokyo, however, the committee decided to postpone the harmonisation efforts and instead to focus their work on terms brought to their attention by other task groups of the ISO Technical Committee 276 Biotechnology and by associated committees in the Task Group “Terms and Definitions”. The national mirror committee decided at its meeting to continue to develop the compendium and to actively push forward with harmonisation.

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