Meeting of the Working Group on Finance and Taxation in Heidelberg in Mid-February

In the middle of February, the Working Group on Finance and Taxation met at Heidelberg Technology Park. Topics on the agenda included:

  • Liability of executive bodies
  • Directors and Officers liability insurance in biotechnology – an overview
  • The CFO’s insurance risks
  • EIB financing of R&D and innovation
  • State-of-play in the legislative procedure on the Law on the Modernisation of Conditions for Capital Investments and on the Limitation of Risks in Financial Investments (MoRaKG)

The next meeting will be held the day before the BioEquity conference (27 May) from 14.00 – 19.00 in the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam. After the meeting, the working group plans to invite members to dinner in one of the hotel’s three restaurants. Following the dinner, the working group members are invited to the BioEquity opening event at 21.30.

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