Meeting of the Working Group on German-US Cooperation Held in San Diego

At this year’s BIO International Convention held in San Diego in mid-June, BIO Deutschland’s Working Group on German-US Cooperation hosted a meeting during which the main topic of discussion was "External Communications – New Rules for a Globalising World". The meeting focussed on challenges in the area of PR work and investor relations in the context of differences between the USA and Europe. Dr Christian Itin, CEO of Micromet Inc., Elias Papatheodorou, CEO of Novosom AG, Constantine Theodoropulos, President of Boston Communications and Pam Lord, Vice President of Porter Novelli Life Sciences, gave presentations at the meeting.

During the discussion following the presentations, many participants from Europe and the USA had the chance to obtain further information about the differences between Germany and the USA as regards the standards and demands of successful PR/IR work.

The meeting took place as an "affiliated event" as part of the 2008 BIO International Convention thanks to the support of the chairperson of the working group, Dr Henning Mennenöh (Hogan & Hartson), Dr Kristina Sinemus (Genius GmbH), Dr Julia Schüler (Ernst & Young AG) and Carola Schropp (EBD Group).

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