National Associations Council and Healthcare Council Meet in Brussels

On 26 March, a BIO Deutschland representative attended a meeting of the national associations in EuropaBio (National Associations Council – NAC) in Brussels, at which the association representatives heard about current issues in the member states and discussed planned joint activities.

Following the success of last year’s European Biotech Week, another biotechnology week will take place in the second week of October 2014. A series of biotechnology activities and events will be organised in Brussels and the member states in order to highlight the sector and the opportunities afforded by biotechnology. During this week, BIO Deutschland will hold the European Business Development Conference, while EuropaBio will present the European Most Innovative SME Award. In addition, the European Commission will hold a conference on financing innovations on 9 October.

EuropaBio‘s Healthcare Council also met in Brussels on 26 March. BIO Deutschland was also represented at this meeting, at which the health experts discussed the forthcoming European Parliament elections and decided to launch a campaign to inform the new and re-elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) about the value of pharmaceutical biotechnology. The plan is to explain the value already created by biotechnology, as well as the opportunities the sector offers, during breakfast meetings, one-on-one talks and expert meetings.

However, the Healthcare Council is also working on other areas. Discussion with experts from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is also on the agenda for 2014. During the coming weeks and months, the Healthcare Council will compile a list of the topics that it wishes to discuss with the EMA.

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