National Associations Council convenes in Brussels

In late June, representatives of Europe’s national biotechnology associations met as part of EuropaBio’s National Association Council (NAC). The British representative gave a brief overview of the situation within the UK following the referendum. He said, in short, that everything was still unclear. The representatives also discussed the new genome editing methods and the views on this issue in the individual countries, as well as the state of play in the area of biotech patents, the delays in the approval of genetically enhanced plants, and the EU’s circular economy package and its influence on the industrial bioeconomy. At the organisational level, NAC members exchanged ideas and thoughts on the European Biotech Week, which will be held in the last week of September, and discussed the publication of the new report “Site Selection for Life Science Companies in Europe”, which EuropaBio drafted in collaboration with KPMG and Venture Valuation and released at the BIO International Convention in San Francisco.

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