New Members

BIO Deutschland is pleased to welcome the Biotechnological Student Initiative (btS) as a new partner association.

files/tlf_content/nachrichten/2014/Logo_bts.jpgBiotechnologische Studenteninitiative (btS)

btS is a non-profit, independent and politically neutral student initiative, which sees itself as an interface between students, PhD candidates, universities, research institutes and companies in the life sciences. The association offers a wide range of Germany-wide and local events and projects, which are organised by students for students. These events include career fairs, trips, networking events, lectures, workshops and scientific symposiums. btS has well over 800 active members at 25 universities. In addition to the support it receives from its network of students, btS can count on help from dedicated alumni and extraordinary members such as professors, industry representatives and other societies. btS is also linked to other student organisations in Germany via the Association of German Student Initiatives and has international contacts through the Young European Biotech Network (YEBN). Further information is available at

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