Presentation of the German Biomanufacturing Register in Israel

files/tlf_content/nachrichten/2011/Israel_Delegation.jpgThe Tenth National Life Sciences & Technology Week ISLI Biomed provided the framework for a workshop on cooperation in biomanufacturing on 23 May 2011. The biomanufacturing register was presented during this Israeli-German meeting as one of the activities in the Federal Economics Ministry’s export initiative called Health Made in Germany. This register was produced in the past months with the help of BIO Deutschland and other organisations.

Participants reported that the event made a very positive impact on both German companies and the Israeli partners. Among other topics, the panel discussion following the presentation dealt with the question of whether it makes sense to create one’s own biomanufacturing capacities, or if outsourcing to contract manufacturers in Germany would be a more promising option.

The panel representatives of the German companies, Richter-Helm Biologics, Rentschler Biotechnologie and Probiogen, who gave examples of Germany’s biomanufacturing capacities, had clear answers to this question. They were able to make clear that Germany is ideally suited as a manufacturing location and that it had already acquired a wide range of experience via many national and international cooperation projects.

As a result of the high attendance and lively discussion, the export initiative Health Made in Germany is planning to hold further events of this type in Israel.

The Israel Trade Center in Berlin, in cooperation with BIO Deutschland and BioTOP Berlin-Brandenburg, also organised a trip for delegates from companies and institutions from the biotechnology, medical technology and economics sectors to the Tenth National Life Sciences & Technology Week ILSI Biomed.

The complete register can be downloaded as a PDF file at

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