Representation of the Members’ Interests at the Party Conference of the CDU Saxony

At the party conference of the CDU Saxony in May, BIO Deutschland spoke with politicians at the Land level and event participants about the association’s aims and activities and improving conditions for innovative small and medium-sized companies in the biotech sector.

The CDU Saxony agreed on its government programme for 2009-2014, "A Contract for Saxony. Knowing What to Do", at its party conference in Leipzig. The contract was signed by the Chairman of the CDU Saxony, Stanislaw Tillich, the head of the parliamentary party, Steffen Flath and the Secretary-General, Michael Kretschmer.

In his speech, Stanislaw Tillich stressed that the social market economy was the right framework for making globalisation a positive experience for both companies and people and for overcoming the crisis.

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