Results from the German Remuneration Survey

Following evaluation of this year’s German Remuneration Survey (GRS), a survey of remuneration in German biotechnology companies, the results are now available. They were presented to the sixteen survey participants in Dresden in July. We have received some of the results exclusively and are now publishing them for your information.

According to the results of the survey, the salary level at the grades of directors and senior management has not changed since 2007. CEOs and managing directors are paid an average of €250,000 per annum, although salaries can vary between €100,000 and €400,000, depending on the size of the company and the current economic situation. A bonus of around 50% of the fixed salary, subject to the achievement of objectives, is standard.

The annual salary of a scientist with a doctorate, who works in senior management and has several years of professional experience, has been around €55,000 since 2007. Bonus options of up to 10% of the annual salary are also an integral part of the salary at this grade.

The entry level salary for academics (usually natural scientists who have earned a doctorate) in biotech companies has increased slightly from €45,600 in 2007 to around €46,900 per annum today.

The starting salary for technical staff was the only area to show a significant increase in the past years: while technical assistants earned on average €27,000 at the beginning of their contract in 2007, the starting salaries are now around €34,500 per annum,

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