San Francisco: BIO Deutschland participates in the BIO International Convention

German Pavilion at the 2016 BIO International Convention.
© BIO Deutschland

This year’s BIO International Convention took place under the motto “Imagine” in San Francisco, the birthplace of the US biotech industry. Just like every year, the German Pavilion with its 47 exhibitors was one of the largest at the event. BIO Deutschland presented the German biotech sector and provided in-depth information about companies and cooperation opportunities. The brochures produced in collaboration with the Health – Made in Germany export initiative, the “Guide to Contract Research in Germany” and the “German Biomanufacturing Guide”, were particularly well received by visitors to the pavilion. The association also held talks with representatives from international business support organisations and innovation clusters. Peter Heinrich, Chairman of the Board of BIO Deutschland, served as a panellist and juror for the session “Son of a Pitch – Do You Have the Talent to Engage Investors and Partners?”, in which participants could present their business idea in a 30-second pitch. From the 25 business ideas, the jury selected the top two winners, who were then able to describe their project in greater detail. They also won a private meeting with the investor of their choice.

Some 16,000 participants from 76 countries descended this year on the former hippie mecca in the Bay Area. This BIO gathering held a record-breaking 35,700 partnering meetings, and that even though the convention grounds were divided into three sections and participants had to walk long distances. A total of 1,800 companies exhibited during BIO 2016. The education programme featured 800 speakers in 157 sessions on the latest developments in finance as well as in medical, industrial and green biotech. The next BIO event will return to California, taking place in San Diego, for the second time, from 19 to 22 June 2017. BIO Deutschland will again be present as a rapporteur.


Jury for the “Son of a Pitch” session, from left to right:
Oleg Nodlemann (EcoRI Capital LLC), Nina Kjellson (Canaan Partners), Paul Thibodeau (Teva), Peter Heinrich (Sinfonie LS Management, BIO Deutschland) and Alex Szidou (Merck Research Laboratories). © BIO Deutschland

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