Second board meeting of 2016 held in Munich

On 11 May, BIO Deutschland’s board convened for its second meeting of the year in Munich. Along with organizational topics, the main items on the agenda were the further elaboration of Strategy 2020 as well as its implementation. The board unanimously agreed that it was necessary to substantially flesh out the strategy and make it more accessible by highlighting that healthcare, sustainability and the future prosperity of our economy will only be possible through the integration of biotechnology in all its many facets. Board members reported that BIO Deutschland is currently intensifying its press work as well as its dialogue with policymakers. Member companies who have the drive to help shape the biotech sector and are prepared to promote the societal benefits of biotechnology in the public arena are encouraged to use special formats to incorporate their communications and content more deeply into the assocation’s work. The board stresses that even closer collaboration with other sector associations and opinion leaders is necessary in order to make the importance of cutting-edge technologies and entrepreneurial activity more clear. It also noted that there needs to be regular events for policymakers so that they can learn about and discuss the wide range of issues related to the biotech sector – from healthcare, nutrition and energy to the environment and climate protection.

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